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eCommerce web design Playa del Carmen

If it is true that there is a science to selling effectively, this is double so for online sales. Engaging your audience online and converting their visits into sales can be a challenging process. We specialize in developing and customizing online sales platforms to suit your retail needs including payment and shipping methods setup, cross-selling, up-selling, loyalty encouragement, and much more.

At Web Design Playa, we also specialize in the sale of downloadable products and the booking of services and vacation properties through custom-designed checkout processes that integrate calendars across multiple platforms (like iCal, Google Calendar, custom CSV, etc).

What about large web stores?

Thanks to our ample experience working with online retailers in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, we have designed and implemented processes that allow our clients to easily import and export products from spreadsheets, making bulk inventory management and pricing changes a breeze.
We offer online marketing solutions for companies of all types and sizes, ranging from entire online supermarkets to universities to property managers.


Self-hosted online shops vs. pre-made eCommerce solutions

One of the first choices you will need to make when planning an online store is whether to design a custom platform or to use a pre-made solution like PrestaShop or Wix. The differences are too many to enumerate, but we would like to highlight the main ones so you can make an informed decision:

The main difference between self-hosted and pre-made solutions is data ownership. When you host your own store on your own server, you are the owner of all the information that comprises your store. This includes customer and product information, plus all the files and databases that make up your actual site. This gives you control over your data policies, secure communication with payment gateways, etc.
When you choose a pre-made solution, the information that makes up your store is being stored on third-party servers and belong to the provider of the online shop service such as Wix, PrestaShop or Facebook.
If data ownership is important to you, you may need to discard pre-made options at this point.

Process customization

The second important point is process customization. All stores and products are unique. Pre-made solutions are designed to accommodate all kinds of products, and because of that they often fall short when it comes to the specific needs of particular products and retailers. Do you charge a deposit on top of the cost of your bookings? Do you allow tour reservations with only a 20% pre-payment? Do you need to modify your shipping costs depending on the zip code to which you are shipping? All these and many, many more custom features are usually impossible to implement with pre-made solutions and will require the development of a custom solution.

We have many years of experience developing online stores in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and the Riviera Maya. We can advise you on the multiple options that are available to you, and help you develop your online store so that your products and services can reach a much wider audience.

Some of our eCommerce clients

Tenna HD

Tenna HD

This high definition TV antenna uses a complex, state of the art technology called Fractal Technology.



With thousands of products, is one of the largest online stores in the Riviera Maya area.


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